Sd Tuition Centre was established in 1993 by an ex teacher, Mrs Daisy Ho.

Why choose us?

Choose us because we do things differently —–

  • we train our tutors
  • we use our own custom built worksheets
  • we provide free evaluation
  • we understand our tutors better and support them continuously
  • unlike other tuition agencies, we don’t simply match a tutor with a child based on the tutor’s academic qualifications.


Because paper qualification, is only part of the story: it does not mean he/she knows how to teach. This is why our tutors have to undergo an inhouse course conducted by Mrs Ho.
The course teaches them how to teach, using effective methods that Mrs Ho has fine tuned over the last 21 years to help your child learn faster through proper motivation .

During the course the tutors are also taught how to use the special worksheets that Mrs Daisy Ho has developed to help the child learn better

Each month, Mrs Daisy Ho meet with tutors to further enhance their tutoring skills

Also , by meeting the tutors regularly , Mrs Ho gets to know the tutors better and this improves the selection process further.

We provide a free evaluation of your child in order to select the most suitable tutor
Mrs Daisy Ho will personally meet with your child to access your child’s personality and determine his/her requirements,

After these two steps, the most suitable tutor will be selected for your child

Do call us for a non obligation assessment, We assure you that you will be satisfied by our selection process and the service rendered by our tutors.