How to create creativity in Children

Encouraging creativity in children

All children are born with the potential to be creative. However, their potential can be stifled if we do not take care to stimulate and nurture that creativity. Our creativity shows who we are as a unique individual. Have you heard the saying – “there is no such thing as can’t.” We can and we will! Creativity is an important facet to any personality. It enables us to see things in a different and unusual way. This is an important problem-solving skill throughout anyone’s lifetime – the ability to think of different alternatives to solve a problem. Or to see problems others may not have noticed and come up with effective solutions to those problems.
Below are some ways to encourage your child to be creative:-

1. Let him discover his passion. Observe your child’s inclination. He may enjoy scribbling or sketching on his notebook or textbook. He may listen intently to music and enjoying it. Or he may be most happy kicking and chasing after a ball.

2.Let your child experiment on his own, within safety confines. Let him explore the world around him.
3. Let him make mistakes. Do not be afraid to let him learn from his mistakes. Show him where he has gone wrong, and offer to help him correct the mistake.
4. Allow him to assist you in your daily chores. This exposes him to learning and experiencing new things.

5. Always praise his accomplishments. This would encourage him to try out new things and not be afraid or shy away from venturing into new territory.