What You Should Know Before Your Child Starts School

Schooling a child is a real challenge for most parents.It is important that you are prepared and know what to prepare for. Read this article to learn more about planning for your child’s education.

Preparing Financially
Be prepared to put aside some funds for your child’s education. A time deposit account , an insurance education policy or some savings may be created for this purpose.

Preparing Educationally
Before your child begins studying say, Maths, for the first time, find out more about the subject. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus so you will be able to help him along. Engage a tutor if necessary.

Preparing Emotionally
Understand that children are individuals and they develop differently.
Some are quick learners, while others may be slower or late bloomers.
Give them space to grow. Some may be academically strong, while others may be better with their hands or have other creative talents.

It is vital to show keen interest in the child’s learning journey and lend support whenever necessary. Encourage the child by giving praise, not only for good performance, but more importantly for the effort put in by him or her.