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General Faq
  • What’s the difference between a paid and free membership?
    How to be a certified tutor?

    When a tutor registers on our website it’s free. The fees that we can obtain from parents will be according to market rates.

    For tutors who are interested in teaching primary levels, you can have an option of being certified by us.


    1. Mrs Ho will do an evaluation of the student before recommending a tutor.
    She will guide and coach you how to handle the student , the approach and how to teach effectively using her structured system.

    2. For your professionalism in wanting to upgrade your skills , you will be rewarded with higher fees.

    • Lower primary $25-35 per hour
    • Upper primary $35-40 per hour

    3. Coaching sessions can be arranged as frequently as you need. There will be feedback sessions every month to help you with problems you will encounter during the tuition sessions.

    4. You will have access to her comprehensive and structured worksheets that will enable students to improve and excel in their studies.

    Please call us to find out how you could be a professional and effective tutor today!

    SD Tuition Centre
    Hp : 92311009

Parents / Students
  • How to request for a tutor?
    • You can go online (click here) and let us know your requirements and needs and our coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.
    • You can call our hotline number 9231 1009 and our co-ordinator will give you the right recommendations.
  • How do I know whether your tutor will be suitable for my child?

    Every child is different in abilities and standard of understanding. Mrs Daisy Ho , an experienced and qualified teacher will conduct a free, no obligation evaluation of your child. She will be able to diagnose your child’s weak areas and tailor design the right approach for the tutor to follow up.

  • Can I change the tutor if I find that he or she is not suitable?

    Although we try our best to assign the most suitable tutor, there will be instances where there may not be chemistry between tutor and student, or perhaps there is a conflict in personalities. We will try to find a replacement as soon as possible for you. However, you still have to pay for the lessons rendered by the tutor.

  • After submitting a request, how long does it take to get a tutor?

    It’s between one day and one week . Normally we will assign a tutor after we evaluate your child.
    Our evaluation of your child will enable us to find out your child’s weak areas and how to reinforce and remedy the weak areas.

  • Do I have to pay for matching service?

    No, the service is absolutely free. We only charge the tutor 50% commission for the first month.

  • How do I pay?
    • You can pay by PayPal or use credit card. ( You need to add $3 more for processing fee)
    • You can do a direct ATM transfer or internet transfer to Current Account No: SD Tuition Centre 027-0159346
For Tutors
  • Do I need to pay for registering myself as a tutor?

    No , It’s a free service.

    If you want to be trained and certified by us in order to get an assignment faster , there is a small membership fee involved.


    • faster and better paid assignments
    • If you want to follow our comprehensive and structured system of teaching the child, we will be able to coach you. After evaluation of the child, Mrs Ho will provide you with the guidance that you can follow to do an effective job.
  • Does the agency provide me with any tuition materials?

    Yes , if you sign up as a member to be trained and certified by us

  • How much do I pay once I have accepted the offer?

    We will charge the standard charge which is 50% of the first month’s pay. If the assignment is 2 hours once a week, we will collect the commission after your second lesson. If it is a twice a week lesson, we will collect commission on the fourth lesson.

  • When will I get my tuition fees?

    You will get half of your decided tuition fees at the end of the 4th lesson or 8th lesson depending on the frequency of the lessons.