Paid Membership Description

How to be a certified tutor?

When a tutor registers on our website it’s free. The fees that we can obtain from parents will be according to market rates.

For tutors who are interested to start from scratch or only interested in teaching primary levels, you can have an option of being certified by us.
1. Mrs Ho will do an evaluation of the student before recommending a tutor.
She will guide and coach you how to handle the student , the approach and how to teach effectively using her structured system.

2. For your professionalism in wanting to upgrade your skills , you will be rewarded with higher fees.

  • Lower primary $30-35 per hour
  • Upper primary $35-40 per hour

3. Coaching sessions can be arranged as frequently as you need. There will be feedback sessions every month to help you with problems you will encounter during the tuition sessions.

4. You will have access to her comprehensive and structured worksheets that will enable students to improve and excel in their studies.

Please call us to find out how you could be a professional and effective tutor today!

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