• I am thankful and fortunate to have Mrs Daisy as the Math tutor for my children, Fred and Ferlis.

    Daisy is a conscientious, friendly and patient tutor who will teach and engage the students according to their standards. She conducted her lessons in an interesting manners and she inspired them to strive for better grades. She teaches them the techniques to handle challenging questions such that the students can identify the questions and apply the concept and strategies according to what she taught. Both my children benefited greatly from her excellent teaching. They had improved tremendously in their Math subject such that my girl is now a constant A* grader.

    I would highly recommend Mrs Daisy and her tutors from SD Tuition Centre. Seeing Daisy’s professionalism and enthusiasm in teaching, I am sure the tutors in SD Tuition Centre will definitely make a great difference in your child academic grades.

    Audrey, Blk 868 Woodlands street 83
  • Mrs Daisy Ho has been my daughter’s Mathematics tutor since she was in Primary 4. Since then, I have seen my daughter improve steadily in that subject. Mrs Ho has helped her to build a strong foundation in understanding mathematical concepts and in the application of mathematical formulae. As a result, my daughter has grown in confidence in the subject. This has led her to like Mathematics, not to dread it, in a most natural and unforced way. My daughter finds Mrs Ho very approachable and encouraging, so she has no problem bringing up to Mrs Ho all the areas in which she needs explanation and help. I am very glad to have Mrs Ho as my child’s mathematics tutor, and her support has been a great blessing to us.

    Julie, Regency Park, P6 daughter from SCGS.
  • Daisy Ho is a dedicated and caring tutor. It was not all just drill and practice but she made a concerted effort to hone the learning skills needed for independent study. The mathematical concepts she taught and reinforced without tears were just mere tools to excel academically. More importantly, she assessed and engaged my child on a personal level after understanding her learning needs and had motivated my daughter to strive towards a personal goal to do the best she can in her studies. This skill set and determination is invaluable and definitely required for independent study at higher levels of the education ladder. I have watched how my timid year-end child grew in confidence under Daisy’s tutelage.

    I would highly recommend Daisy Ho and her tutors.

    Ng Mae Ling,