Terms and Conditions for tutors

1. Commission – I agree to pay 50% commission for every assignment given to me by SD Tuition Centre.
If the family recommend any sibling or friends, the Centre will also deduct 50% commission .

2. Membership Fee - For who those are wants to be a member, there is a yearly renewal fees of $120. You are entitled to download the latest exam papers, the worksheets created for the students, monthly feedback sessions. You will also be given priority for assignments and your details will be available for parents to choose under feature tutors.

3. Materials – All worksheets created by the Centre must not be photocopied or reproduced for other students from other agencies. All worksheets can only be used for students assigned by SD Tuition Centre.

4. Commitment – I agree to abide by the terms and conditions and will perform my duties with commitment, consistency and responsibility.

SD Tuition Centre will not hesitate to take the necessary action against any tutor who breaches these terms and conditions.